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Dr Stefan Laspina MD, FF Path, FRCPath
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Alex Gingell
Laboratory Director
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Prof A. Cilia Vincenti MD, FRCPath
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Company Health Programs

Attention: Human Resources Manager

In collaboration with a health management organisation, CLINIPATH can provide a Company Health Program which will ensure that the employee’s health is monitored regularly.

WELLNESS is encouraged by way of promoting a healthy lifestyle, sensible eating, responsible sexuality, HIV/AIDS awareness, dental health, early stress management, exercise, and by discouraging the abuse of alcohol, tobacco and other harmful substances.

An annual health testing including comprehensive blood testing that can measure the function of the major organs and those risks associated with age can provide significant early indications of potential health risks.

This annual routine health check may vary according to age and gender. Additional specific testing can be arranged based upon each individual’s personal, travel, or family medical history details.

We are able to arrange any specific sample testing that may effect the health of the company’s workforce – from the executive to the labourer.

The services are convenient, accessible, caring and cost-effective.

A comprehensive WELL PERSON CHECK may consist of:

  • Blood testing – Complete Blood Count (CBC), Lipids Profile, Renal Function Tests, Liver Function Tests, Hepatitis Screening, Diabetic Screening, Thyroid Function Tests, Venereal Disease Screening(VDRL), HIV.
  • Tumour Markers – CEA (colorectal), PSA (prostate), CA125 (ovary).
  • Food Intolerance screening.
  • Urine analysis.
  • Faeces – Occult blood.
  • Blood Pressure.
  • Pulmonary Function (smokers, asthma, occupational).
  • ECG (over age 35).
  • VDU Eye Test.
  • PAP smear (women over age 35)
  • General Medical Examination by a clinician.
  • Personal Discussion with examining clinician.
  • Medical Questionaire.
  • Detailed reporting.